Happy Birthday Sammeh!!! <3

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Happy Birthday Sammeh!!! <3 Empty Happy Birthday Sammeh!!! <3

Post  Lord_Firesnakious on Tue May 25, 2010 2:43 pm

I met Samantha back in 2007, over 3 years ago on FFNet. We didn't get off with a great start because I was an emotional unstable teenager with the attentionspan of a disseased gerbil (Now it's a healthy gerbil :p). She always wrote really long and interesting posts regarding games and other things, and I didn't have the patience to read them (although later on I went back to read all of them, god why was I so stupid? :p)

Slowly and steadily we became friends, because we had the same type of humor and because we had much fun talking and playing games in the forum games there. Our friendship became stronger when we joined "Sorrow's Elegance" made by Terminal Est. We chatted a lot there and learned to know more people and made lots of friends. It was there that the first Kampai! was born. I think Kampai! was one of the things that lead our friendship to turn into best friends, especially the zombie appocalypse that sort of kept us up into the late corners of the night. We talked lots and lots both on the forums and on msn. We had lots of laughs and created our type of inside humor.

Samantha helped me throughout the years, from a mopey teenager, a confused adolescent and now a maturish adolescent :p When I was down, she cheered me up and I always tried to do the same for her. We opened up to eachother and learned to trust eachother. Samantha became an unmissable part of my life. We were really great friends when Samantha for the first time visited KH3 and quickly became a moderator (much to the disgruntlement of many members, but you know you love her now Wink ). By the beckonings of my best friend I decided to give this place a try and immediately I found a home thanks to her. We had lots more fun here and our friendship grew stronger. We planned our first meet up in the summer of 2008.

She needed a vacation and I advised her Valkenburg, because I had been there myself once and I had lots of fun there. We also planned one day where we would meet up and chill together. God was I nervous :p. We met up at the trainstation and spend most of our day in the park (it was nice weather ... mostly). We sat around and made jokes about them evil ducks. And when it started raining we took out an umbrella and sat underneath it in the park. It was one of the most comfortable and happy moments of my life and when she left I felt sad. When she returned back home we talked more and more until in September we went from best friends to boyfriend and girlfriend. It took a whole year before we could see eachother again, but our relation grew stronger and stronger. We say eachother in the summer of 2009 in Roosendaal, I went to her place the previous christmas and new years and had the time of my life. And just a few months ago (although it seems ages, dear god I miss her) she came over here and we had a great time here too.

And here we are now, 3 years later on this amazing, by her created forum. She thawed out my frozen heart and turned me into the crazy, happy and deeply in love guy I am today. What I was trying to say with this is that I owe so much to Samantha, she changed my vision of the world, my life. I love you Samantha, you mean everything to me and I hope to spend lots and lots more years with you.

Happy Birthday Sammeh!!! <3 LoveSamantha

Happy Birthday honey, I hope that the comming birthdays we will be together and make a great day out of it. I can't wait until I'm there honey, I love you so very much <3

Happy Birthday Sammeh!!! <3 Birthday_Cake_from_L_by_MiniNinja42

Here's to many many years honey <3

Happy Birthday Sammeh!!! <3 Awesomelove

Happy Birthday Sammeh!!! <3 JtHM_sig2

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Happy Birthday Sammeh!!! <3 Empty Re: Happy Birthday Sammeh!!! <3

Post  The Hacker on Tue May 25, 2010 4:16 pm

YAY! Happy birfday, Sam-I-Am! :3
The Hacker
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