The Depths of Poetry

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The Depths of Poetry Empty The Depths of Poetry

Post  Z on Thu Jun 17, 2010 11:31 am

"An Introduction Of a Thread for Poetry"

Do not be filled with dread.
For this is a poetry thread.
To linger on things thought dead.
To knead words as like bread.


"The Passing of Lightning"

Born of a deepest Dark,
A Flashing Bright blue scar,
Like a shattering of sky afar,
Or reality being broken to shards.
From Cloud to land it arcs,
Leaving a blinding mark,
On One's eyes, and on One's Heart.
Then it instantly goes dark.

Out of a silence short,
A sound like wooden bows torn,
Or a thousand whips cracked forth,
Out of a flash an explosion born.
One's ears and One's Heart contort,
Then the fading echoes mourn,
How fleetingly the sky adorns,
It's Crown of blazing blue thorns.

-Michael Lytle

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