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The Off-net Ramblings of a Professional Hacker (Poetry) Empty The Off-net Ramblings of a Professional Hacker (Poetry)

Post  The Hacker on Wed Jul 14, 2010 11:16 pm

A Love Poem

A Love Poem.
yet made for a purpose.
The product of an obsessive mindset.
I hate them.
They are not straightforward.
Are they who write them in
Which at some point have
An ending.
'My Love is deeper than the sea'.
That may be...
But there are things
Deeper than the sea
Which we may never know.
What if it doesn't work, my friend?
You just sing the same verse,
Different tune,
To another.
A Love Poem.


Extra Conditions

If a woman says
'All I want is a good man',
She's a liar
Or she'd have found me.

I'm not the fool I once was.

'I'll love you if you let me love someone else.'
'I'll love you if you screw me.'
'I'll love you if we can have a baby first.'
'I'll love you if you have no life outside of mine.'
'I'll love you if you do me a favor...
Or two...
Or twelve...'
'I'll love you if you were more feminine.'
'I'll love you if you can be fine with me sleeping with her.'

No woman simply loves.
There are always extra conditions
Hidden in the fine print of their contracts.
Something to hurt you.
Something to poison.
Something to test you when you don't deserve to be tested.
I feel like a lab rat,
Poked and prodded for far too long,
And no-one on my side without their own agendas.
The Hacker
The Hacker

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