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Post  Incorrect English on Mon May 17, 2010 10:17 am

This disclaimer is made with the interests of the forum members in mind. The administration team will endeavour to make sure that all terms of the forumfree rules are adhered to, however, we cannot take responsibility for-

- Users who are deceitful as to their age, gender etc. Whilst we will make the effort to try and stop any deceitful behaviour before it becomes an issue, it is not always humanly possible.
- Cases of rulebreaking where a member feels they have been discriminated against. If they have been expelled from the forum it is with very good reason. No bias will ever be held.

The age limit and rules are in place to potentially protect those who would seek to abuse the forum or see material that would not be allowed by parents/guardians etc. However we expect these agencies to also endeavour to protect their children from the internet in turn.

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Incorrect English
Incorrect English

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