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Post  runescap on Thu Jul 07, 2011 3:29 am

benevolent Which is more important internal force and martial arts? This kind were rather like Jianzong debate. Zhang San Feng Kung Fu master in practice if a martial arts monk Jue Yuan, such as the nine-yang magic, it is likely that when the first master of the world because of its strong internal forces of the giants of the mirror. Runescape GoldUnfortunately, despite strong internal force monk Jue Yuan, but not martial arts, attack power greatly reduced. But no doubt, the internal force is the foundation, internal forces with martial arts is much more effective.Rivers and lakes in the internal force that designed to meet the players on the martial arts of the imagination, the internal force is the basis for all actions, even if the power of odd big practice, if the lack of internal forces, but also fails to be a martial arts without useless. Similarly, if the internal force is very strong, but not practicing martial arts, you might like a monk Jue Yuan as less effective. Since the internal force is so important, that is a lot to attend. However, often face the choice of the game is blood or qi? Card or internal forces of grasping the handle licensing? Because both can only choose one. Some players aware of the importance of internal forces, internal forces are often desperate to grab a license, after internal forces prepare Xiuman unbridled attack opponents. But unexpectedly bad hand, exterminate opponents early. Question, then, again, hand and internal force card which is more important? Hand is the blood of life, few and weak hand is very dangerous side in the Round has been the starting point should be chosen card, in case were destroyed. Strong hand grasp internal forces can choose a license, because the internal force is the air, every action shall be erected set an internal force of a card, there is no internal force can not act, and you're only protect themselves, can not attack opponents. Also, if you party chief at stake, there is no internal force can not rescue you. Therefore, the internal force is king. Maximum internal force of 4, 4 means that you can act, basically you can do many things, and there may spike opponents.Internal forces of grasping brand new home for the vertical, you can only use the next round, so in order to tap reaches the internal force of 4 really is not an easy task, because the opponent is likely to attack you, when closed-door practice, to make you bitter untold. Although the internal forces is important, but relatively simple, unlike the hand and the combination of martial arts card so complex.runescape money To play a strong role of internal forces, with the hand and the need to choose the right martial arts, so to judge the situation on the ground is important, choose a different strategy based on the situation. As to how the combination of hand, see Raiders of the rivers and lakes so invincible martial arts expert and Inside.


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