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Post  Incorrect English on Tue May 18, 2010 6:26 am

I touched upon my wishes for the stuff posted here to be tasteful in the rules. I thought I'd better elaborate on that so there's no confusion as to what exactly you can post in here.

Pictures with any of the following are NOT permitted-

- Hentai. No way. Ecchi is fine so long as it's not full nudity.
- Nudity. As in no bits showing. I don't mind seeing a lot of skin so long as the bits are covered!!
- OVERTLY SEXUAL BEHAVIOUR. As in please, no pics of chars touching each other and stuff like that. Anything that goes across the line into hentai.
- Anything with the gross-out factor. I'm tempted to ban clowns of any kind, but that would be going too far. Just don't freak others out with what you post.

So long as the pics are classy and don't go too far then there'll be no problem ^^

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Incorrect English
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